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Monday 12 August 2013

Raffle for Christmas - Looking for a sponsor, your company will be on every raffle ticket

Christmas Raffle 

1st Prize; £100.00 / £150 - dependant if I get any sponsors to donate these cash prizes
2nd Prize: £50.00
3rd Prize: £25.00

other smaller prizes to be confirmed, need to be on email tokens in order to sale throughout uk 

Out goings will cost:

tickets costs as follows plus need to cover costs on cash prices 

per 1000

* 1000 =£35.00
* 2000 = £45.00
* 3000 = £59.00


reverse printing with logo on = £10

colour paper = £3

Friday 26 July 2013

Summer Raffle

Summer Raffle 


- 1st Prize - Photo shoot and canvas 
- 2nd Prize - Swedish massage by Alternative Health 
- 3rd Prize Week worth of coffee from Costa 
- 4th Prize Swimming babies vouch with Swim time - 2 classes at Buxton 

Congratulations to all winners 

Winners are as follows;- 

1st Prize - Sarah from Stockport 
2nd Prize - Mo from Strines Road 
3rd Prize - Irene from Buxton
4th Prize - Louisa 

Raised for this raffle: £118.60

For Tommy's; £113.10 
For Tommy's & Bliss: £5.50 

Xmas Raffle to follow soon :)

Any one who wishes to sponsor this and get your logo on the tickets please get in touch by writing to ciara_curran@hotmail.com 

advice on what to do when your waters break;- http://pprombaby.blogspot.co.uk/2013/01/when-your-waters-breaks-advice-and-what.html

Updates on Giving pages and overall total raised to date go to the following pages:



Raising funds for Tommy's & Bliss baby charities With Erin Sharp, Catriona link = pprom team Bliss & Tommy's =  £106.00 

Team page, get yourself on board, and get a giving page and help raise the money for the PPROM Awareness project, help save babies lives and feel good for raising a little and some pennies for this awesome project;- click Join today :) be part of something amazing
Shared giving pages as follows;-

Sabrina came to one of a Tommy's charity event and is now part of this team, check Sabrina's giving page out, and please join the team to of a amazing people :)  

Saturday 29 June 2013

Spring draw winners & thanks

Spring draw 'Winners' 2013

Money Raised: £750.04 

(plus £250 of tickets included in total of night of 22nd June 2013 - so over all £1000.04 raised from the Spring raffle)


  • 1st Prize: Trip to see and meet Denise and the panel: A Hubble 
  • 2nd Prize; Photo shoot with canvas: R Hill 
  • 3rd Prize; £100 Marks & Spencer Vouchers: S Bryson 
  • 4th Prize: Round of Golf at New Mills Golf Club: H Turner
  • 5th Prize; J Studder 
  • 6th Prize; B De Gent
  • 7th Prize; M Pilkington 
  • 8th Prize; Sadie
  • 9th Prize; S Bennett 
  • 10th Prize; Jack
  • 11th Prize; Mrs J Payne
  • 12th Prize; K Richards

Donations by - stories of how obtain them

Stories of winners To be updated 

PPROM Awareness - Premature Rupture of Membranes before 37weeks, to investigate why, and offer support if it happens to you.

Advice on what to do when your waters break;- http://pprombaby.blogspot.co.uk/2013/01/when-your-waters-breaks-advice-and-what.html

Yes! We did it, finally had my dinner evening at The Palace Hotel, Stunning 4 star hotel in Buxton with Indieannas & George Baxby & a great supporting crowd

Charity Dinner Goes Ahead Finally 3rd Time Lucky For Tommy'sRaised £822.73 to date 22nd June 2013 

(Includes sale of raffle tickets) 

(We have a few more auction prizes to sell and to collect other sponsor money, target to get to £1000 by end of August, this is one of my reasons for delay as had hoped to collect and sale rest of goodies)

The night started with a high, and ended with a high, every one who came, enjoyed it.....

Awesome room fit for a princess Tommy's baby charity dinner
Amazing tasty food 
Food was amazing lovely, we had feared a little as heard lots of bad reports and as I never had a chance to taste before the event we were taking a massive gamble, The gamble payed off and was very pleased as the food was very tasty, served quickly and enjoyed every moment, only critical issue I would say, is that the hotel really must do table service. We certainly would of brought more drinks and made more for the charity as the hotel donated a percentage of bar takings.

Live Music and acoustic to get you in the mood for dancing......
George Baxby doing it for Tommy's Charity Night 

George Baxby singing for 'Tommy's Baby Charity Night'

Started the live music by doing a 20 minute full of acoustic numbers.

All the crowd loved it.

Even did a one to one song just for one of the guests.

Guest Feedback

Everyone that came, had a great night, great food, great DJ, great live music, a good old boogie and a glass or wine or two, and there fav tipple and of course not forgetting the games :) 


To all the guests, the DJ, the band, the hard working service team at the Palace who delivered a lovely night of great food and drinks. 

For all that participate in the games, the winner of the cash prize did kindly donate to the charity fund, next time will be doing more cash give away's.

For all that helped sell tickets :)  

Thanks to Nicola at One Small Shoe (Kids shoe shop) for being ticket office. 


Thanks to Specsavers and Famous Furnture Names, Barbara  & Lewis for sponsoring the event, those amazing people who donated tickets, to entice people to come, and it did the job and each of those people, have now heard of Tommy's Baby charity 

Special people

For every event I do, I meet some amazing people. Big Thanks to you all who helped out, we raised a little for this amazing charity in whom we will be working on a premature rupture of membranes before 37 weeks. 


All you need to do is click here: Giving page: Donate button :) 
or go to our virgin giving page: Donate Button xxx

Don't be shy. every pound is gratefully received and will go towards this amazing project and also by sharing this page will educate others 

PPROM Awareness - Premature Rupture of Membranes before 37weeks, to investigate why, and offer support if it happens to you.

Advice on what to do when your waters break;- http://pprombaby.blogspot.co.uk/2013/01/when-your-waters-breaks-advice-and-what.html

More info on The Palace Hotel ;- Webpage for Puma Hotels

More info on Tommy's Baby Chaity :- Tommy's webpage

Friday 24 May 2013

Helping Save Babies lives! Event 22nd June 2013

Helping Save Babies lives!  

Bank Holiday offers for Charity Dinner, 

2 offers for Bank Holiday only 

Events Facebook page 22nd June 2013

1. * Special offer for Bank Holiday will be £23.50 ( below costs) - must call in tomorrow at 'One Small Step childrens shoe shop, 9 Hall Bank, Buxton (and after tomorrow, call me before the end of Monday to gain this price, but must pay up before Wednesday, 07877 075976) 

2. *** Competition time: Who ever shares this the poster the most over the BANK HOLIDAY WEEKEND and also does the following;- 

* Likes the One Small Steps facebook page who are selling the tickets One-Small-Step Facebook Page

* States on the event wall good REASON to see Indieannas and why they should win the tickets,

Will win 2 tickets for the entertainment only , and joins the events and add as many friends

Costs are:
* Special offer for Bank Holiday will be £23.50 ( below costs)

then after Monday £26 for a lush 3 course meal with coffee & chocs and Indieannas and George Baxby playing live, and dj till late

* £6 for Entertainment live music only

(These winning tickets can be upgraded for the winner)

Get your tickets today from One Small Step, 9 Hall Bank, Buxton ( children show shop just down form market square next to council offices)

or call me 07877 075976 and I can arrange to deliver within reach of High Peak.

Please can everyone share as purchase dinners ahead so all must be sold

Indieannas facebook fan page:  
The Indieannas Facebook Page

Helping Save Babies lives 

Did London Marathon 2013 :)

London marathon 2013

Boy it was hotBoy it was hard.

Boy should of done loads more training.

Boy was I proudBoy did I show them that I just would not GIVE UP.

Now to sell tickets for this Great Night Out.

 Think its time this High Peak Area gave me  a break and say you know what, I am just going to buy a blinking ticket to new set date of 22nd June 2013, 

and boy is there going to be some lucky peeps out there, £100 worth of Mark's and Spencers Vouchers :) 

and one lucky peeps are going to be winning£50 

blinking worth the time to come, for lush dinner 

and see some awesome acts and a awesome dj....

Boy thats worth it?

See my photo:- London Marathon Finisher 2013!

Thursday 18 April 2013

21st April 2013, London Marathon, how do I feel

21st April 2013 
London Marathon

I should be running the marathon proud to come from where I do, 

So how do I feel, 

Even though I will go on Sunday, I am very nervous, and I will do my uppermost to run all the way, but do feel sadden that I failed at running a Great Night Out, and that I could not draw my raffle, all due to lack of sales and simply not knowing enough people :( 

I would like to be really positive and say, yes I feel great, and wonderful, but I am looking at a 2nd failing of organising a event, so will anyone ever come to my events, or do I just quit? 

The positives, have met some really lovely people, and met loads of people who have suffered similar

I had 40 people wanting to come, not all for dinner. 

The negatives, could not convince 100 people to come to a charity ball, for Tommy's charity ball, not even amazing auction prizes could convince them, 

Would love to know how I can achieve this as just feel sadden that I failed, failed my first born and failed her again by not achieving this Ball to go ahead, 

So how does this make me feel about running, it does not make me feel proud as I let people down, and its that sense of failing, and no matter what people say, the fact is, the event did not happen, so why do I want to try again, as I owe it to all those who have lost babies and had a premature births, 

I set myself a goal, and hope to god people start to help me out, by coming, I did not want to just take donations, I wanted to do events where I give people a Great time, and raise a few quid towards the pprom project, you would think of the thousands of people in the High Peak, that it would not be that hard, 

Never knew that life had got so hard, can we really not afford to go out,  then I look around, I go places, cafes, restaurants, pubs and then I think, how can I convince you to come, and at the moment I no idea, 


Thanks to all the following that have supported me, and either donated or sponsored me through the last year, 

To all that have donated on all my giving pages

To all that have donated gifts 

To all that have donated other services 

Will update in a moment 

Boston Marathon

I will be wearing my ribbon with pride, to all those fellow people who spend a great time fundraising, and have lost some important people, just goes to show how sad the world has become :( 

My Family 

My partner would prefer it if I did not do this, but I need to do this, as I need something positive to take over from the most traumatic experience of my life.

For my beautiful rainbow daughter Siobhan, this is for your future.

For my daughter that I gave birth to Sinead Speakman, the one I gave birth to, the one that did not make it, the one that was born stillborn,  I promised you I improve maternity services, and help other families, so far, not doing a great job, but praying every day this will change.

I love both my daughters and my better half with all my heart :) 


Thursday 21 February 2013

13th April 2013, Tommys Baby Charity Ball: Black Tie, Dance Charity Auction Event

Sorry the ‘Great Night Out’ has been postpone due to unforeseen circumstances beyond my control,

A new date will be confirmed within the next week or 2 as the band & dj are coming back to me to confirm if they can do the next date, if you are interested in coming to this, please confirm to ciara_curran@hotmail.com or call me on tel no: 07877 075976

Apologies for any inconvenience this has caused you.

As a matter of a good will gesture anyone who paid in advance I can offer you a free entry into the spring draw and an free drink at the next date.Event tickets must be brought in advance, the sooner the better to ensure the next date will go forward.

I have spoken to the council who gave me the permit for my raffle, and they have confirmed I can move the date of the drawn to the new event date, there are amazing prizes, and this will be drawn on this definite date.

Don't forget to buy your tickets, as hotel does need numbers for the event.Thanks in advance for your understanding

Kind RegardsCiara Curran

P.S. Looking at the Saturday 22nd June or the 29th June, will confirm soon

Also any one that can help promote, donate a table and help me a achieve my dream please let me know, I wanted to do this to help raise awareness but at the same time give people a night out to remember, sadly not to be. 

13th April 2013, Black Tie, Dance  Charity Auction 


To secure your place for this amazing Great Night Out Tommys Charity Ball, 

* Ticket Price: £26 head for the 3 course meal, coffee & chocs with live music & Dj and late bar at the stunning Palace Hotel in Buxton, doors open at 7pm for meal.

Also offering for those that would like to come for entertainment & auction (only bid on auction if want) doors will open again for entertainment at 9.15pm, pice £6 / £7 your choice.....

see page for details for shop that is supporting me by being ticket office,

Address: One Small Step, 
9 Hall Bank, Buxton to secure your place drop your payment off, and leave your name, address, email, & phone no, so I can put you on the guest coming list,still waiting on tickets to arrive,

Really need numbers, as I have to pay the hotel a deposit next week and need some numbers ASAP, more support is very much needed, this is a good chance to have a amazing night out, with friends old and new.

All profits after costs go to Tommys baby charity www.tommys.org and all into a pot to do a pre-term birth project investing into why waters break earlier, to help reduce no of premature births and baby losses.
PPROM Baby project webpage for more info and pay by paypal `

Note: The aim is to give you a fab night out and keep the price affordable and value for money whilst raising money for charity.

 Venue is the Palace hotel in Buxton, which is a 4 star beautiful hotel in central Buxton. 

The night will include entertainment including 

* a charity auction, 
* Live music from Gypsy Jazz Band (Local band from New Mills) 
* DJ
* Late bar
* other activities s

This will be a GREAT NIGHT OUT 

  • This is a good chance to get your best suit on, your glam frocks, and help support a fab charity. This is all in aid of Tommys Charity, who supports families through pregnancy, miscarriages, still births and premature labour. And you will be supporting me who is running this year’s London marathon for them.

  • To raise awareness and to get that one step closer to raising enough for a pre-term birth project (b4 37 weeks / pprom) 

Spring Raffle Details

Raffle tickets can be brought on line via my giving pages, just email me your details, or there is various businesses selling these too, see my webpage for more info pprom baby

We will also be drawing the competition to draw the raffle 

  1. 1st prize a visit to see loose women at studios in London for 4 people including meeting presenters afterwards.
  2. 2nd prize £175 worth of family photo session at Tim Hensel                                                                                Facebook page for Tim Hensel photography
  3. 3rd prize £100 worth of m&s vouchers donated by Sutherland Reay Estate Agents                                            Facebook page Sutherland Reay Estate Letting Agent                                                                                                   Plus more prizes to be drawn 13th April 2013                                                   
Raffle tickets on sale now at £1 a ticket 

Available from;-

Auction Prizes;

  • Overnight stay at The Midland Hotel, with dinner and breakfast 
  • Signed framed photo of Man Utd / London football player Tom Cleverely
  • Tour of Torrs Hydro in New Mills, SendTorrs Hydro would like to invite four people to meet in New Mills Heritage centre, visit behind the scenes at the Hydro and fish pass to understand how it all works and why we have a hydro.This will be followed by coffee and cake in the Revive café in New Mills.
  • Toni & Guy in Buxton, Hair cut: Colour & Cut on a Monday & Tuesday 

Thursday 31 January 2013

Charity Event 16th Feb 2013 New Mills Town Hall

Table top sale with difference, with 2 course curry lunch and a yummy cake and a fresh brew of tea 

16th Feb 2013 from 10.30am till 2.30pm - New Mills Town Hall, New Mills, SK22 4AT 

In door table from car boot style to new goods, to health goods to other charity stalls, 

All profits from cakes, various baby goods, peppa pig goods and tombola will go to funds to Tommy's Baby Charity as my aim is to raise 60k to be put towards a pre-term birth project before 37wks, looking at ways to prevent baby loss as 1 in 4 is not acceptable in 21st century Britain  

Open to Public Times: 10.30am till 2.30pm

Open to stall holders to set up: 9.30am.

Tables cost: £7.00 per table - Book now to secure your table
Business tables: £10 per table plus a small gift for the raffle / tombula and if any business can offer percentage on sales, then please let me know, as the more I make the more goes towards this project. 

If any one can donate new gifts / unwanted new gifts for the Tombula and raffle gifts welcome please private message me

Also any one who wishes to volunteers, I would be very grateful for your support and please message me 
Yummy carrot cakes and lots more will be on offer :) 

All stall holders please share event and lets make this a fab event

At: New Mills Town Hall, New Mills. on 16th Feb 2013

This is is aid of Tommy's baby charity who research into preventing baby loss, and providing info for all pregnant women, they also have a midwife line for any pregnant women to ring.

They researched into the cervix stitch which helped me become a mum, my treatment was in Macclesfield and this is used in hospitals throughout the UK and all local hospitals.

Take a peek at there webpage for more info: Tommys Baby Charity Official Webpage

 My story as told in Buxton Advertiser

Stall holders who have paid and confirmed links to there pages are as follows;-

Deborah Greogory: Personal goods, and also running a stall for the Rainbow Charity Trust who help terminal ill children, a amazing charity.

Marella Cairns: Phoenix Trading, Greeting cards, gift wrap, associated stationary

Janet Winter: Buteyko iNFO: Breathing Remedies

Charlotte Hind: Bric a brac goodies, sweetie goodies :)

Jo Travers Muir & Holly Frost: Baby goods, household goods etc

Susan Smith: Books and bits

Tracey Armstrong; Various jewerally items, handcrafted items and lots more interesting goodies

Angie Arnold: Homemade baby clothes, bric and brac goodies

Jacqui Glendinning: Forever Futures

Pamela Fisher Dad: Bric a brac goods

Pamela Fisher: Callum's little gifts; Jewerally goods, raising funds for her baby gone to soon gravestone, so please do take a peek and support.

Kath Minton & Elise Jehu: Take-Away-Treat-Company

Brenda Stafford: Various bits and pieces

This next stall even though it is for a different charity, I support it greatly, as my partner mum and uncle both sadly loss there lives to terminal cancer. So more reasons to come to my event, Susi will be doing some bric a brac goods, check out her just giving page as well as mine of cause, a quid ea for both our giving pages, will make a difference to someone else's life :)
Susi Hensall: Raising funds for 3 cancer charities under the umbrella of 'Women v Cancer' and am doing a Cycle Challenge of cycling 400k in Kenya, in June. The charities are 'Breast Cancer Care', 'Jo's cervical cancer Trust' and 'Ovarian Cancer Action'. My target is to raise £3,000 by June 2013, of which I have raised £1,274.75 so far.

Susi Hensall - just giving page, raising funds for cancer

Friday 4 January 2013

When your waters breaks - advice and what to expect

When your waters breaks - advice and what to expect  (pprom -pre-term 37 weeks)

You be informed to put a pad on and see if you have any more leakage however this is my advice and what should happen to confirm if your waters have gone and what it means for you and baby;-

If you suspect your waters have gone, other well know as preterm prelabour rupture of membranes before 37 weeks;-

1. Put a pad on.

2. Do not lift anything heavy.

3. Go to a maternity hospital straight away, if you are under 20 weeks and in the UK if you live close to a bigger hospital such as St Mary's in Manchester or St James in Leeds then go there.

4. You will be looked at by both a midwife and doctor, I would highly recommend asking for a consultant. You will then be asked your pregnancy history and any previous births.

5. They will then do a vaginal inspection, and either a doctor or midwife will use a speculum to check your cervix to see if they can detect amniotic fluid. They will also be able to tell if the cervix is changing, and looking for signs if you are preparing to go into labour.

6. A specific test of fluid to see if your waters have broken, be aware these tests are not 100 percent accurate.

7. Ask for scan ASAP, they should send you for a ultrascan ASAP to check the amount of water around the baby. 

8. Midwife or doctor will check your baby's heartbeat.

If your waters have been suspected you will have the following happen to you:

9. You should be admitted into hospital.

10. You will have regular monitoring of your baby.

11. they will monitor you for signs of labour.

12. they will do regular tests & monitor you for infection which will include having your temperature taken and pulse taken.

13. they will do a blood test.

14. they will do a vaginal swab to check to see if you have group b strep (group b streptoccocus)

15. You maybe offered a emergency stitch, if this is not offered ask about this option, there are risks with this, but at least you know what is available. 

If at any stage you want a 2nd opinion, do not hesitate to ask for a consultant or a other consultant, at the end of the day, it is your baby and your health. 

For more info go to this wonderful webpage: PROM info when your waters break early in pregnancy which was set up by a lady called Inkan, this will get you in touch with a wealth of information and support online, if you have pprom or you have sadly loss to pprom, 
There is hope if your waters do break early (pprom), its knowing what to do to help you carry to full term

If you go into labour in the UK under 24 wks, the following will be outlined to you and this is my advice to you, 
You can ask them to treat you to stop your labour, your are within your rights, 

If you are in this situation ask your hospital consultant for there guidelines and do not be afraid to ask for senior staff if at first you are not content, your body, your unborn baby.

Sunday 23 December 2012

29th Dec 2012, Art Lounge, great night, fab auction prizes :)

Thanks to all that came, a big thanks to Stella at The Art Longe for holding this event at the last minute,

Thanks to Dave and the Band in Gypsy Jazz who were awesome

Thanks to Bob Auld for doing the auction :)

All together raised £325.00

Anyone still wishing to donate please go to my just giving page: Click here to Donate :)

Hi All,

I have manage to find a new venue for part of my auction prizes, I am looking at doing a other venue in the New Year too, as well as a raffle as I have set myself a massive target to hit,

The new venue will be at The Art Lounge above the Beehive, New Mills on the 29th Dec 2012, starts at 7pm and we have  a amazing band called Gypsie Jazz playing too,

Auction prizes I have are;-

Lot 1:  Family photo session at Tim Hensel Photography, to include a 16"x22" canvas (that's approx 4 times A4)
Lot 2: Signed framed photo of Man Utd / London football player Tom Cleverely
Lot 3: 1 month subscription to New Mills Leisure centre
Lot 4: 7 DAY subscription to New Mills Leisure centre
Lot 5: Martin Jensen Pilates class; 8 classes for 2 people
Lot 6: Micheal Kettlesize classes
Lot 7: First aid course by Kiss of Life
Lot 8: Go karting experience
Lot 9: Dinner for 2 AT Conti Italian Restaurant in Disley
Lot 10: Tour of Torrs Hydro in New Mills, SendTorrs Hydro would like to invite four people to meet in New Mills Heritage centre, visit behind the scenes at the Hydro and fish pass to understand how it all works and why we have a hydro.
This will be followed by coffee and cake in the Revive café in New Mills.                                                          
Lot 11: Indian Take out by Shamis Saffron in New Mills.

All money raised will be go to Tommy's baby charity, all in memory of my first born, born sleeping and to do a pre-term project (pprom) to look into researching preventing baby loss, which is the reason behind my high target,

If you are interested in coming or cannot make it but still like to bid, see the attached form, if you can let me know and I will email you the form for you to print it off and fill details and drop of with either Ciara in Chinley or Stella at the Art lounge / Beehive Pub FAO the attention of Bob and marking on it seal bid for items you have placed your bids on,

Anyone interested in coming who wants to secure there place, you can so by donating to my just giving page, all donations go towards Tommy's - pprom research giving page ( http://uk.virginmoneygiving.com/fundraiser-web/fundraiser/showFundraiserProfilePage.action?userUrl=pprom7&isTeam=true )

or http://www.justgiving.com/ciara-curranandspeakman

I am also going to be doing a raffle in the New Year, tickets will go on sale in Jan and draw in April / May time, therefore if you are interested in this or if you can donate or sponsor this please let me know ASAP, needing some big prizes in order for me to sell thousands and spread the news on this wonderful charity, as they help many people like me to become parents, and of course let people win some amazing prizes

Can you let me know either way and I will look forward to hearing from you,

Kind Regards

Ciara Curran

Tel no: 07877 075976 / 01663 751376
(Just giving page:  http://uk.virginmoneygiving.com/fundraiser-web/fundraiser/showFundraiserProfilePage.action?userUrl=pprom7&isTeam=true )

P.S. Please can you send this to all your friends 

Sunday 9 December 2012

Giving pages links if you wish to donate

Giving Pages

Only way I am going to achieve my goal is for folk to generously give, a pound or 2 would be just fine, all pennies count up to pounds, for every pound donated I be a step closer to achieving a massive mission.

Therefore hose that would like to donate and who cannot come to any venues

1. New Giving page 2012-2013 Pre-birth project

2. Just giving page for Ciara & Phil  


3. Virgin donation page Ciara & Phil (just in case you cannot link to other page)

Auction goods with no venue, how to raise funds now?

My main event for this year was sadly cancelled.

Had hoped after this weekend I be having a break from fundraising, instead the stress has been double folded, I have one failure to pull off a good night to show for my hard work,

I need to use all my inner strength to pull myself up after a emotional week of let downs and disappointments, need to focus on the future.

So how do I do that, well the one thing no one thought of was what to do with all our amazing auction prizes, I for one did not want to waste all my hard work, so I been busy trying to source some new venues and looking at the cost of raffle tickets

As I have too many generous donations not to have the opportunity to raise some funds,

My thoughts are that I will see about finding a auction before the end of the Year to auction off local companies auction prizes, and seek permission of all that it is okay to use still.

The top auction prizes, I am hoping they will not mind me turning a auction into a raffle, as this will give me a opportunity to sell a lot of tickets and raise a lot more for Tommy's baby charity,

Not sure if this is the right way to go, but I need to do something positive other wise my dream of working on a pre-term birth project to help prevent baby loss will be a long loss dream, and a whole lot of broken promises to the daughter that I never got to hold.

If any one is reading this, who can either do a auction or help by donating costs for the raffle tickets, or whom would like to donate West End Show trip to either London or Manchester, or a cash prize, or a holiday please let me know.

I am looking at selling tickets for £1 a go, and £5 per book, and looking at wanting to sell thousands of tickets, therefore any one who has a pub, venue who can help please contact me at

ciara_curran@hotmail.com  or tel no: 07877 075976

Sunday 11 November 2012

Xmas Fundraising Event: Yuletine Roast 'n' Toast Evening @ New Mills Town Hall

Xmas Yuletine Roast 'n' Toast Evening @ New Mills Town Hall 

Sadly this event has now been cancelled, looking for a venue in High Peak that can kindly help do a charity auction event b4 xmas to auction local prizes, will be using the bigger prizes in the new year, either by raffle or a new auction night event. 

please contact me at ciara_curran@hotmail.com
if you can help with auction 

Where: New Mills Town Hall, Market Street, SK22 4AT 

How much: £20 per head 

What do I get for that:

*  Mettrick's hog roast with salad, and HOT Winberry pie with cream with the vegetarian option being veggie chilli

( Link to Mettricks webpage; Mettricks butchers based in Glossop ) 

* To watch live the amazing 12 piece band Black & Gold, for one night only, please take a quick peek at this amazing band:Black-and-gold - Live for One Night Only :)

* A chance to bid on the following prizes;-

1. Overnight stay in The Midland Hotel in Manchester, with Dinner and breakfast

2. Signed framed photo of Manchester United star Tom Cleverley

3. Family photo shoot 

4. 4 tickets to see the ITV show Loose Women and to meet Denise Welsh and the team 

5. Designer Handbag with treats 

and many more to be updated soon 

Where to buy from as follows:-

* Priscilla's cards & gifts, 

60/60A Market Street, New Mills, High Peak, SK22 4AA
Tel no: 01663 745605 - while you buying your tickets have a chance to buy your Xmas cards and worth a visit to see some of there amazing gifts too. 

and from,  

* Doc Green's, Fresh fruit, veg, oils, pulses, rice & flours, herbs & spices shop 

13 Union Road, New Mills, High Peak, Derbyshire, SK22 3EL
make sure you check out there webpage for all offers on your fresh fruit and vegetables, can deliver too, well worth a visit and have a mushroom tasting session coming up soon too. Link to webpage: Doc Greens

and from 

* The Lavender Room, florist shop, 

22 Market Street, Disley, Derbyshire SK12 2AA - Tel no: 01663 765023 
Also check out the shop, they do amazing flowers, see there face book page link for more info: Lavender-Room-Florist-Disley and webpage address is: Flowers by lavender

and from

* Ciara Curran - 07877 075976 or email me at ciara_curran@hotmail.com or newmillswomensgroup@gmail.com 

* Fran - 07934 290251 

Why raise money for Tommy's and the New Mills Women's group? 

Why Tommy's Baby charity? 

Tommy's funds research into pregnancy problems and provides information to parents. We believe it is unacceptable that one in four women will lose a baby during pregnancy and birth.

My mission is to raise over 60k to enable me to fund a new preterm birth project, and find out some of the reasons behind why some women's waters break too early, 

My personal reason behind this is we lost our first born ,born sleeping April 2010

Reg Charity no: 1060508  

Why New Mills Women's Group? 

In brief, the New Mills Women’s Group aim to help women gain confidence and help make a difference in the community by working on local projects. 

Therefore before it is too late, please buy your tickets, this night will be a night to remember, we promise to give you a awesome night for all to talk about and not only that, you will be donating to some wonderful causes......