Saturday, 29 June 2013

Yes! We did it, finally had my dinner evening at The Palace Hotel, Stunning 4 star hotel in Buxton with Indieannas & George Baxby & a great supporting crowd

Charity Dinner Goes Ahead Finally 3rd Time Lucky For Tommy'sRaised £822.73 to date 22nd June 2013 

(Includes sale of raffle tickets) 

(We have a few more auction prizes to sell and to collect other sponsor money, target to get to £1000 by end of August, this is one of my reasons for delay as had hoped to collect and sale rest of goodies)

The night started with a high, and ended with a high, every one who came, enjoyed it.....

Awesome room fit for a princess Tommy's baby charity dinner
Amazing tasty food 
Food was amazing lovely, we had feared a little as heard lots of bad reports and as I never had a chance to taste before the event we were taking a massive gamble, The gamble payed off and was very pleased as the food was very tasty, served quickly and enjoyed every moment, only critical issue I would say, is that the hotel really must do table service. We certainly would of brought more drinks and made more for the charity as the hotel donated a percentage of bar takings.

Live Music and acoustic to get you in the mood for dancing......
George Baxby doing it for Tommy's Charity Night 

George Baxby singing for 'Tommy's Baby Charity Night'

Started the live music by doing a 20 minute full of acoustic numbers.

All the crowd loved it.

Even did a one to one song just for one of the guests.

Guest Feedback

Everyone that came, had a great night, great food, great DJ, great live music, a good old boogie and a glass or wine or two, and there fav tipple and of course not forgetting the games :) 


To all the guests, the DJ, the band, the hard working service team at the Palace who delivered a lovely night of great food and drinks. 

For all that participate in the games, the winner of the cash prize did kindly donate to the charity fund, next time will be doing more cash give away's.

For all that helped sell tickets :)  

Thanks to Nicola at One Small Shoe (Kids shoe shop) for being ticket office. 


Thanks to Specsavers and Famous Furnture Names, Barbara  & Lewis for sponsoring the event, those amazing people who donated tickets, to entice people to come, and it did the job and each of those people, have now heard of Tommy's Baby charity 

Special people

For every event I do, I meet some amazing people. Big Thanks to you all who helped out, we raised a little for this amazing charity in whom we will be working on a premature rupture of membranes before 37 weeks. 


All you need to do is click here: Giving page: Donate button :) 
or go to our virgin giving page: Donate Button xxx

Don't be shy. every pound is gratefully received and will go towards this amazing project and also by sharing this page will educate others 

PPROM Awareness - Premature Rupture of Membranes before 37weeks, to investigate why, and offer support if it happens to you.

Advice on what to do when your waters break;-

More info on The Palace Hotel ;- Webpage for Puma Hotels

More info on Tommy's Baby Chaity :- Tommy's webpage

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