Saturday, 29 June 2013

Spring draw winners & thanks

Spring draw 'Winners' 2013

Money Raised: £750.04 

(plus £250 of tickets included in total of night of 22nd June 2013 - so over all £1000.04 raised from the Spring raffle)


  • 1st Prize: Trip to see and meet Denise and the panel: A Hubble 
  • 2nd Prize; Photo shoot with canvas: R Hill 
  • 3rd Prize; £100 Marks & Spencer Vouchers: S Bryson 
  • 4th Prize: Round of Golf at New Mills Golf Club: H Turner
  • 5th Prize; J Studder 
  • 6th Prize; B De Gent
  • 7th Prize; M Pilkington 
  • 8th Prize; Sadie
  • 9th Prize; S Bennett 
  • 10th Prize; Jack
  • 11th Prize; Mrs J Payne
  • 12th Prize; K Richards

Donations by - stories of how obtain them

Stories of winners To be updated 

PPROM Awareness - Premature Rupture of Membranes before 37weeks, to investigate why, and offer support if it happens to you.

Advice on what to do when your waters break;-

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