Thursday, 31 January 2013

Charity Event 16th Feb 2013 New Mills Town Hall

Table top sale with difference, with 2 course curry lunch and a yummy cake and a fresh brew of tea 

16th Feb 2013 from 10.30am till 2.30pm - New Mills Town Hall, New Mills, SK22 4AT 

In door table from car boot style to new goods, to health goods to other charity stalls, 

All profits from cakes, various baby goods, peppa pig goods and tombola will go to funds to Tommy's Baby Charity as my aim is to raise 60k to be put towards a pre-term birth project before 37wks, looking at ways to prevent baby loss as 1 in 4 is not acceptable in 21st century Britain  

Open to Public Times: 10.30am till 2.30pm

Open to stall holders to set up: 9.30am.

Tables cost: £7.00 per table - Book now to secure your table
Business tables: £10 per table plus a small gift for the raffle / tombula and if any business can offer percentage on sales, then please let me know, as the more I make the more goes towards this project. 

If any one can donate new gifts / unwanted new gifts for the Tombula and raffle gifts welcome please private message me

Also any one who wishes to volunteers, I would be very grateful for your support and please message me 
Yummy carrot cakes and lots more will be on offer :) 

All stall holders please share event and lets make this a fab event

At: New Mills Town Hall, New Mills. on 16th Feb 2013

This is is aid of Tommy's baby charity who research into preventing baby loss, and providing info for all pregnant women, they also have a midwife line for any pregnant women to ring.

They researched into the cervix stitch which helped me become a mum, my treatment was in Macclesfield and this is used in hospitals throughout the UK and all local hospitals.

Take a peek at there webpage for more info: Tommys Baby Charity Official Webpage

 My story as told in Buxton Advertiser

Stall holders who have paid and confirmed links to there pages are as follows;-

Deborah Greogory: Personal goods, and also running a stall for the Rainbow Charity Trust who help terminal ill children, a amazing charity.

Marella Cairns: Phoenix Trading, Greeting cards, gift wrap, associated stationary

Janet Winter: Buteyko iNFO: Breathing Remedies

Charlotte Hind: Bric a brac goodies, sweetie goodies :)

Jo Travers Muir & Holly Frost: Baby goods, household goods etc

Susan Smith: Books and bits

Tracey Armstrong; Various jewerally items, handcrafted items and lots more interesting goodies

Angie Arnold: Homemade baby clothes, bric and brac goodies

Jacqui Glendinning: Forever Futures

Pamela Fisher Dad: Bric a brac goods

Pamela Fisher: Callum's little gifts; Jewerally goods, raising funds for her baby gone to soon gravestone, so please do take a peek and support.

Kath Minton & Elise Jehu: Take-Away-Treat-Company

Brenda Stafford: Various bits and pieces

This next stall even though it is for a different charity, I support it greatly, as my partner mum and uncle both sadly loss there lives to terminal cancer. So more reasons to come to my event, Susi will be doing some bric a brac goods, check out her just giving page as well as mine of cause, a quid ea for both our giving pages, will make a difference to someone else's life :)
Susi Hensall: Raising funds for 3 cancer charities under the umbrella of 'Women v Cancer' and am doing a Cycle Challenge of cycling 400k in Kenya, in June. The charities are 'Breast Cancer Care', 'Jo's cervical cancer Trust' and 'Ovarian Cancer Action'. My target is to raise £3,000 by June 2013, of which I have raised £1,274.75 so far.

Susi Hensall - just giving page, raising funds for cancer

Friday, 4 January 2013

When your waters breaks - advice and what to expect

When your waters breaks - advice and what to expect  (pprom -pre-term 37 weeks)

You be informed to put a pad on and see if you have any more leakage however this is my advice and what should happen to confirm if your waters have gone and what it means for you and baby;-

If you suspect your waters have gone, other well know as preterm prelabour rupture of membranes before 37 weeks;-

1. Put a pad on.

2. Do not lift anything heavy.

3. Go to a maternity hospital straight away, if you are under 20 weeks and in the UK if you live close to a bigger hospital such as St Mary's in Manchester or St James in Leeds then go there.

4. You will be looked at by both a midwife and doctor, I would highly recommend asking for a consultant. You will then be asked your pregnancy history and any previous births.

5. They will then do a vaginal inspection, and either a doctor or midwife will use a speculum to check your cervix to see if they can detect amniotic fluid. They will also be able to tell if the cervix is changing, and looking for signs if you are preparing to go into labour.

6. A specific test of fluid to see if your waters have broken, be aware these tests are not 100 percent accurate.

7. Ask for scan ASAP, they should send you for a ultrascan ASAP to check the amount of water around the baby. 

8. Midwife or doctor will check your baby's heartbeat.

If your waters have been suspected you will have the following happen to you:

9. You should be admitted into hospital.

10. You will have regular monitoring of your baby.

11. they will monitor you for signs of labour.

12. they will do regular tests & monitor you for infection which will include having your temperature taken and pulse taken.

13. they will do a blood test.

14. they will do a vaginal swab to check to see if you have group b strep (group b streptoccocus)

15. You maybe offered a emergency stitch, if this is not offered ask about this option, there are risks with this, but at least you know what is available. 

If at any stage you want a 2nd opinion, do not hesitate to ask for a consultant or a other consultant, at the end of the day, it is your baby and your health. 

For more info go to this wonderful webpage: PROM info when your waters break early in pregnancy which was set up by a lady called Inkan, this will get you in touch with a wealth of information and support online, if you have pprom or you have sadly loss to pprom, 
There is hope if your waters do break early (pprom), its knowing what to do to help you carry to full term

If you go into labour in the UK under 24 wks, the following will be outlined to you and this is my advice to you, 
You can ask them to treat you to stop your labour, your are within your rights, 

If you are in this situation ask your hospital consultant for there guidelines and do not be afraid to ask for senior staff if at first you are not content, your body, your unborn baby.