Saturday, 15 September 2012

PPROM Project

PPROM Project

Fundraising For Tommy's and my journey and reasons behind why I wish to raise 60k plus,

also note not to forget to follow links for all fundraising that me and my fellow team mates have done up to date, 

Why Tommy's;-

As they have agreed to work on a pprom project with me if I raise the 60k plus, if one family can avoid going through what I did then my loss will not  be in vain

What Tommy's do: they research in baby loss and promote having a healthy pregnancy and for woman that have loss, providing this valuable research enables them to understand there loss and learn of ways to enable them to have a family 

So what is PPROM, is medical term for  Premature rupture of membranes, other wise premature birth and other terms is waters breaking. 

Reason why;-

After losing my first born in April 2010 I found ways that the hospital could of prevented my loss, sadly it did not happen, so I promised my little girl that I would make a difference 

About me;-  I am one of nine, my dad was in army I have lived in many places and was totally naive in to thinking that I would have a healthy pregnancy little did I know what I was about to experience my worst nightmare 

Me, be a face of loss. 

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